Attorney with 30 Years of Experience Provides Business Solutions to the Dallas, Texas Community

Attorney Gene F. Stevens helps business owners protect their assets and keep their businesses safe, protected and prosperous. He also helps aspiring business owners create their own companies, and works to ensure all your business needs are met. The Law Offices of Gene F. Stevens can help you with all business legal matters, including:

Business formation

The Law Offices of Gene F. Stevens is committed to making your business as successful and prosperous as possible. To that end, attorney Gene F. Stevens closely collaborates with you to provide you with the best advice given your specific business needs. By understanding your expectations and financial capabilities, we can better address your needs and find the most effective ways to limit your personal liability.

Corporate law

We provide transactional and litigation services for businesses and corporations seeking to protect themselves from liability and to expand their profit margins. We also help individuals who are looking to start new businesses choose the proper corporate entity and tax structures to allow their companies to grow and prosper.

Business law

The Law Offices of Gene F. Stevens helps business owners navigate the murky waters of starting or maintaining a business. Most business transactions conducted today are done through the use of contracts, and for business owners it is essential to know how to handle contract matters. Attorney Gene F. Stevens has more than 30 years of experience handling contract cases for clients in Texas, and provides you with in-depth knowledge and clear advice on any business-related legal matters.